highly accurate

gps tracking

For effective crop, vineyard and orchard spraying
with driver and vehicle management

A proudly South African product which is
robust, affordable & easy to deploy

Farmers who follow an accurate spraying program physically reap the benefits during harvest times. Farmtrack ensures accurate execution without missing a single row or spraying too fast or too slow. Users can view vehicle movements at any time and receive important alerts.

why farmers trust Farmtrack 

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accurate spraying
Monitor property spray application,
including area covered and
application speed, using
Farmtrack’s intuitive interface.
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real-time vehicle

View the accurate and up to date
location of each of your
farm’s vehicles in real-time.

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warning notifications

Be notified of dangerous
speeding and unauthorized
vehicle activity in restricted areas.
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improve driver technique

Immediately identify driver
errors, allowing quick feedback
in order to improve driver
knowledge and skill.
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detect missed rows

Help drivers to ensure that rows
are sprayed completely. 

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powerful reports

Keep historic logs, track driver
performance and identify
aspects to optimize, helping
you streamline your operations.

ready to reap the benefits

from accurate farm spraying? 

kleine zalze shares how Farmtrack improved their crop spraying, driving and vehicle management

Henning Retief is the viticulturist at Kleine Zalze Wine Estate, just outside Stellenbosch. He believes that Farmtrack is the best way to keep their farming practice pro-active. If they detect a row or two that was missed, they can immediately jump in to rectify the problem. This prevents rows from being destroyed by parasites and encourages tractor operators to work more attentively and carefully.

Read more about how Kleine Zalze uses Farmtrack to monitor their spraying operations here.