case study:

boschkrans boerdery

Accurate record keeping for exports, inventory control, people management and theft

Boschkrans Boerdery optimises resources and streamlines operations with Farmtrack’s real time vehicle tracking technology and insightful reports.

Situated in the Groblersdal district, Boschkrans Boerdery comprises 420 ha citrus and 108 ha grapes. Boschkrans has fitted Farmtrack’s vehicle tracking devices to 33 tractors over the past three years as a cost-effective management tool to accurately record which orchards have been sprayed, when it was done, if any rows were skipped as well as the amount of chemicals applied.

“We have to maintain precise records of chemicals applied in order to obtain accreditation for the export of quality fruit to overseas customers such as Tesco in the UK.”


  • Record keeping for fruit export accreditation
  • Inventory control and wage calculation
  • Theft


  • Cost-effective management tool to
    accurately record orchard spraying, missed
    rows and amount of chemicals applied
  • Access to daily reports in real time for more
    effective management of inventory, wages
    and resource allocation
  • Theft prevention

Resource planning and inventory control from a central dashboard and daily reports

According to Fourie, the daily reports, which can be accessed in real time via the web, provide additional benefits as well. “It helps with planning ahead. Farm managers can quickly see which tasks have been completed so that they
can assign equipment and labour for the following day/week effectively.”

“Using Farmtrack’s spraying reports we have excellent control over inventory of chemicals and fuel. The opening and closing balances are recorded, amount used, compared to the Farmtrack data, and measured whether it tallies. It also helps with purchasing new stock in time.”

Manage wages more efficiently with reports

Farmtrack is also useful for ensuring that correct wages are paid. “It records the time that the task was started and completed so that the tractor driver is paid for the precise number of hours worked at the correct tariff,” she adds.

“Farmtrack compiles all the data and presents it in an easy and understandable manner for management to make informed decisions,” explains Fourie.

Keep track of your equipment with alerts and GPS tracking

Farmtrack’s GPS tracking has also helped Boschkrans Boerdery with theft. Four tractor batteries were stolen one evening, triggering Farmtrack’s power disconnect alert. When the incident was investigated the next morning, the report showed that one of the tractors were used to transport the stolen batteries, along with details of the location.

“Without Farmtrack we would never have been able to see where our tractor batteries had disappeared to. We immediately purchased additional units to ensure that all of our vehicles were covered.”

Record keeping for export accreditation

“We have to maintain precise records of spraying operations and chemicals applied in order to obtain accreditation for the export of quality fruit to overseas customers such as Tesco in the UK,” says Anneke Fourie of Boschkrans Boerdery. Using Farmtrack’s GPS spraying tracking we can provide accurate records that correct spraying was applied during the season.