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vehicle tracking

where it all started 

As engineers we saw a unique opportunity to use technology to give growers key insights into daily orchard management, based on precision data. That is why we created a simple, smart device that is uniquely tailored for agriculture.

Unlike other vehicle tracking systems that promise similar solutions, Farmtrack® recognises that growers require guidance on specialised information that allows for a more effective approach to crop spraying and daily orchard management. Our advanced GPS monitoring system is paired with a smart software solution that addresses your management concerns.

27 years of precision engineering 

Farmtrack® forms part of a range of innovative product solutions by ETSE Electronics (a South African engineering firm in Techno Park, Stellenbosch) under the Alphawave Group.

As engineers, we are excited about the power that technology has to transform existing industries. Our engineers are experts in radiofrequency and microwave electronic design, GSM, GPS, RF modems, microprocessors, and em bedded systems and software. With over 27 years experience in electronic engineering, ETSE Electronics is uniquely focused on developing products for niche markets within the Agricultural sector and Space industry.

as a result of 20 years of innovation
& farming experience

our amazing team