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farm vehicle tracking

Optimise the efficiency of your entire tractor fleet with cutting edge GPS Technology and take the guesswork out of wine, fruit, and nut production. Monitor tractor activity, spraying, and productivity – intuitively, with complete accuracy in order to produce more – for less.

Farmtrack’s GPS tracking
system ensures peace of mind
With Farmtrack® you can monitor your entire tractor fleet and gain powerful insight into spraying habits, driver activity, and performance. Calculate fuel and water refills. Detect neglected sections or missed rows. Spot movements in restricted areas and manage custom reports for export compliance. Having all of this information at your fingertips will revolutionise your approach to your business.

Farmtrack® will enable you to review all your drivers’
activities and carefully monitor spraying habits from one
centralised web dashboard.

“Farmtrack will enable you to review all your drivers’ activities and carefully monitor spraying habits from one centralised web dashboard. “


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no more missed rows

Farmtrack’s row counting
algorithm helps you pinpoint
whether drivers may have
missed a row in a block whilst
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monitor spraying speeds

With Farmtrack’s accurate GPS
technology, spraying speeds
can be closely monitored within
blocks to ensure correct
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save fuel and water 

Monitor time spent on trips to
diesel and water stations, as
well as frequency of refills to
increase efficiency and reduce
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increase driver productivity 

Help your drivers increase
productivity and skill by monitoring
behaviour and habits with our
central map.
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View historic data and in-depth
data on your farm vehicle
operations with our exportable


“It is especially useful as a farm management tool since i am only on-site twice a week. Farmtrack® allows me to better manage practical farming tasks, such as monitoring spraying programs, when i am not physically present.”

- Kallie Fernhout, Delaire Graff Wine Estate

insight is a powerful tool in business

Unfortunately, the simple truth about farming is that you are dependent on unpredictable behaviours from both people and nature to help you reach your goals.This dependency could prove to be a real challenge when it comes to efficient crop management – but what if there was a smarter way to farm? Farmtrack® is a solution that would allow you to reduce the risk of uncertainty and monitor all the elements of the production cycle with complete accuracy.

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